F2k12 at FG lollllll

The start of our top notch weekend last weekend. Spookfest with @shenoso @gerraalld @angelicasimmons @camillebriana @ohnooitsjo

Happy birthday majestic @gerraalld

Late post of bbg Cabellz birthday hehhehehehehehe


Gerald’s phone quality rocks yo. Y’all needa try it one time.

I’m just doing hw in my bro’s room and I see this… I think my dad was cleaning here and found it and wanted to put it on display… Wtf is this hahaha

Ooo at night again! #raccoonsalloveryobody

We have many pics togedder. XIamonds!!!!

Kappa Psi Epsilon is selling tickets for GS Warriors Filipino Heritage Night against the Utah Jazz for Nov 16! Price: $36, which is ~$14 cheaper than usual! AND it comes with a free shirt! Contact me or any other sisters for tickets or more info!