Hi!! Come to Honeyberry today and show them this flyer! Support the sisters of Kappa Psi Epsilon. Hope to see you there

Hi everyone!! Kappa Psi Epsilon will be out tabling at Malcolm x these next two weeks. Come by and say hi and get more information, and we would love to see you at our rush events.

House photoshoot. Thanks @shirleypeed


Majestic hyphy. Its a genre. People are very kind. #utiutiutiuti

Paramore & Fall Out Boy #whydontotherpeopleliketodance #fineyoucanstandstilltothemusic #wecantholdinthetwerk #whyisjayzhere #majesticaca

Happy Anniversary to my jctt sisters. You make me a happy lil booty. #lasbeans

Lost joy for a min :( @marielledeguia @madame.potus @jodelainehoekstra @meghungry24seven #goteam

Princess #goteam #shoulder

#goteam #imeanshiiieee too many pics I’m sorry meng but I shall probably continue