Beta formalzzzz. I got pix with the big boobie girls o: MEL NOW YOU’RE MY NIECE FOREVER #SoInLove And Great Grand came out to play!! And also Big is naked.

HAPPY 1 YEAR TO MY XIAMONDS & OUR MAMAS!! Thanks for all the laughs, craziness, break downs, anger, tears, support & unconditional love. For being there whether needed or not, and for letting me be a clinger tee hee. When you’re in love you put in effort to keep it alive and that’s exactly what we do. With all the spontaneous adventures, random texts, flooding the groupme, & video chats. I’m thankful to have found a group of womyn passionate about the community and empowerment. One year down, forever to go.

@angelicasimmons don’t forget the little people that brought you to the airport so you could chill with ?uestlove and James Franco n shiii

;( big fucker….. leaving ur lil fuckers behind……. just kidding ur going to attend all my classes with me next year congrats I love you :)

Ma……maaaaaaaaaaaa ._. Why u gotta graduate for………. CONGRATS TO OUR MOMMY WE LOVE YOU.

Omg sorry we got in your picture @melsaucce @wensdayrocks o:

It was definitely sunnier than it appears o: #obobobobobobby

Saccccccccc @staceysp @shirleypeed @julzsumo @kristahhhn @itsnotathena

GIANTS!! #cakes

Thanks to those instructional manga drawing books all those years ago