TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! Kappa Psi Epsilon’s VOICING THE VIOLENCE. Join us tonight at 7pm in HSS 111. @kpsie_beta

Kappa Psi Epsilon is selling cookie dough! $10 each. Either 2lb tub or 1.35lb preportioned dough. Contact me or any other sisters! @kpsie_beta

Kappa Psi Epsilon @kpsie_beta is holding the 2nd annual VOICING THE VIOLENCE this THURS MARCH 6 @ 7PM. We will be addressing the issue of abuse from both perpectives-the victim and abuser. Let us as a generation analyze ways in which we can overcome issues of violence. We will also be learning some self defense!! Hope to see you there! #VoicingtheViolence @_mxn had a great caption

Snglord makes me too happy

TODAY IS THE DAY!! All 5 of our chapters are fundraising for Kappa Day of Service in order to raise awareness of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Selling cupcakes and ribbons. All proceeds go to Filipino Community Cancer Collaborative. We are tabling at MALCOLM X at SFSU RIGHT NOW until 2pm!!

For this year of Kappa Day of Service, all chapters of Kappa Psi Epsilon in our respective schools will be holding bake sales this THURSDAY, Feb 27. At SFSU we will be tabling in the afternoon in the quad. Join us in spreading awareness for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. We will have cupcakes and ribbons. All proceeds go towards the Filipino Community Cancer Collaborative. Hope to see you there!! @kpsie_beta

Finger lickin. Wooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ._. Lumberjack jenkins

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAVAAAAAAAAAAAA. My beautiful ladle!!! This is my sister. The one that always looks out for me and never expects anything in return. The one that really awkwardly created Mama NikNak… Hahahahhahahah. The one that we have to force to go out harhar, and you do it against your will but you love us anywayz! Why are you 20……. o_o I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!! #lookinlikebabiezawww #mcjavASSness #tbt

Today’s word is #ACCEPTANCE for #KPsiEProjectBe ya’ll!! Its easy to lose sight of who I want to be and what I want to do with #expectations from society, family and friends. But foreal you can’t make everyone happy. Acceptance of yourself can be one of the most empowering feelings. Because of that, I strive to be open and understanding to others. Everyone has a story that deserves to be heard. @kpsie_be #oldselfiesorryohwaitnvmihopeyoujustacceptthisbutifnotthenokay

Pretty sure mommy loves me more