this was so powerful I cried

Let me just introduce you guys to Rudy Francisco a.k.a my all-time favorite poet. I get chills whenever I hear him speak. Seriously go look him up on YouTube

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Casually at D&Bs, ya kno

Check da backdrop doe, made it maself #art D&Bs for NEYNEY BDAY

HAPPY 20TH NEYNEY!! Madame Prez of the United States over here. My bestfriend and 1/3 of Sharkx3. Remember when $$Marx2 and I thought it was weird you were turning 19…. yeah……….. September babies wutwut. Thanks for being the strong, beautiful, opinionated, intelligent, and kind-hearted womyn that you are. And for playing hard to get when I just want sum sugar bc you are not affectionate towards me. OK I LOVE YOU SEE YOU L8R SK8R @vcarrd #fbfyo





One of the only keep calms that actually makes me smile.


This touchd my heart like nothing ever has


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Latey matey. Dese some of ma ladiezzzzz

Mirror pix. Ya boi XIon all happy n shiii

Happy holidays from the Xiamonds and Xiamond mothers. Missing cabellz #LifetimeJourney

Hi Big. Hi Twin. Hi Littles. Hi Nieces. #SoInLove #SIL #SIL #SIL #SIL #nuthintafurkwit