The sisters of Kappa Psi Epsilon and the members of PACE, Pilipino American Collegiate Endeavor at San Francisco State University invite you to our open mic: Making Sa Aming Kuwento: “Listen to Our Stories” Admission is free, but we are collecting donations that will go towards paying for the cable car that the VEC(Veterans Equity Center) will use for the veteranos for this year’s Veterans Day Parade. Hope to see you TOMORROW in RIGOBERTA MENCHU HALL at SFSU from 7:30-9:30pm!! @kpsie_beta @sfsupace1967

F2k12 at Kamayan! It was so great to be with the veteranos again.

My first actual Disneyland experience o; ok I’m done posting

I love Jodelaine!!

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F2k12 at FG lollllll

The start of our top notch weekend last weekend. Spookfest with @shenoso @gerraalld @angelicasimmons @camillebriana @ohnooitsjo

Happy birthday majestic @gerraalld

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