Latey matey. Dese some of ma ladiezzzzz

Mirror pix. Ya boi XIon all happy n shiii

Happy holidays from the Xiamonds and Xiamond mothers. Missing cabellz #LifetimeJourney

Hi Big. Hi Twin. Hi Littles. Hi Nieces. #SoInLove #SIL #SIL #SIL #SIL #nuthintafurkwit

Downtown is making me happy during finals season. Come study widdus in front of beautiful things lollll @shenoso @gerraalld

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 21$t BIRTHDAY CAM MUH FUCKEN STUNNA!! It is true when we say that you’re the most photogenic cus look you still stunnin on our asses in this pic.You’re one of the strongest womyn with the biggest heart and the craziest personality. You inspire me everyday. I love you forever righty.

Hawt oooo

Sharing lipstick mmmm mhmmmmm that’s the stuff

Hellos, there will be a candlelight vigil in honor of the victims of super typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan TONIGHT at SFSU’S MALCOLM X PLAZA. Meet up at 5:30 and it will begin at 5:45. Donations will be accepted and will be sent to NAFCON. Please come and support.